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February 13, 2011

Sample Letter to State Legislators

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A big thank you to Douglassville Cares for putting this letter together!

Below is a sample letter to our state legislators. PLEASE fill this letter out and copy/paste it into an email or send it by U.S. mail. Either method would be wonderful ( I confirmed with both the governor and state representative’s offices that they will have the same impact).

There is a location in the letter to insert your own comments, please do so! 

At the bottom of the letter, I have included names to copy on this email and send it to if you choose. These names and emails are as follows:

State Representative David Maloney:

Governor Tom Corbett:

Majority Chair of the PA Education Committee Paul I. Clymer:

Minority Chair of the PA Education Committee James Roebuck, Jr.:

Majority Chair of the PA FInance Committee Kerry A. Benninghoff:

Minority Chair of the PA Finance Committee Phyllis Mundy:

PA Senator for District 44 John C. Rafferty, Jr.:

Please email to all! The more widespread, the better. I have addressed the sample letter to our state representative for our district (130). His office is located in Boyertown and he is an alumni of Boyertown High School. If there are any questions, please just ask! 

Sample Letter to Legislators

February 9, 2011

The Honorable David M. Maloney

Pennsylvania State Representative, District 130

46 E. Philadelphia Avenue

Boyertown, PA 19512

Subject: Concern regarding state funding for the Daniel Boone School District

The Honorable David M. Maloney,

 I am writing to you to make you aware of the many challenges we are facing in finding ways to fund the educational programs in our school district. Because of current state, local, and national economic conditions, we continue to experience reduced revenues and our investment income continues to remain flat. I am also aware that our district is expecting a significant decrease in state education funding. Our district is currently deliberating over the budget for the 2011-2012 school year and the outlook is not favorable.

 To try to balance the budget, our district has recommended making severe reductions to staff and program that impact all areas of our operation. The cuts the district is considering will serve to make it much more difficult to meet the requirements of NCLB and will also leave our students less prepared to compete in the global economy. Among the reductions being considered are the following: elimination of all classroom aides except those needed for one to one support for special needs children, elimination of full day kindergarten, other staff reductions that will remove remedial supports for struggling students, and a reduction in athletic and extra-curricular opportunities.

 In spite of these reductions, we are also faced with a potential significant tax increase that will further burden the local taxpayers. I urge you to take all of this into consideration as you formulate your budget at the state level. Our school is a vital part of our local community and we can not afford to lose the educational program that is so vital to the future of our students and the local economy. Local taxpayers also can not continue to bear the majority of the burden of the costs to educate our students without some help from the state.

 (insert a personal example of how you think it will impact your family)

 I respectfully urge you to do all you can to support keeping state education funding levels at their current level so local communities like ours can continue to provide a meaningful education to our children.


 Cc: Rep. Paul I. Clymer, Rep. James Roebuck Jr., Rep. Kerry Benninghoff, Rep. Phyllis Mundy, Gov. Tom Corbett, Sen. John Rafferty


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